Salma Rayan
A Framework for Developing Cross-Browser Data Intensive Arabic Web Applications
The frequent encounter of incorrectly functioning Arabic Websites, especially those of large businesses and governments calls for a clear and applied framework to help practitioners develop properly functioning Websites. The issue of Website internationalization has been addressed in a plethora of standards, guideline, good practices, and tutorials. However, these standards with their formal language may not be directly comprehensible to the practitioner. In addition, guidelines and tutorials are usually designed to address one issue requiring the practitioner to integrate knowledge from different sources. Moreover, these standards, guidelines and tutorials are limited to the Web technologies themselves excluding other parts of Web application architecture. In this paper, we propose a comprehensive step-by-step framework addressed to the practitioner. The framework integrates knowledge from different standards and technologies and calls attention to issues that could be overlooked in designing and implementing data-intensive Arabic Web applications.