Marwa M AbdelMohsen
The effect of using automated essay scoring in the Egyptian university level English as a foreign language classroom
The study examined the use of Automated Essay Scoring (AES) in the Egyptian EFL writing classroom. It investigated the attitude of students towards the use of AES and feedback reports provided by writing evaluation systems in learning writing, and this attitude was compared along two language proficiency groups. The study further investigated the perceived effectiveness of the use of AES, and whether this perceived effectiveness was related to the students’ language proficiency. The participants’ age ranged between 18 and 20 years old (n= 35). Findings show that the students’ attitude was generally positive despite their belief that the automated scores were unfair. Also, the students reported that AES increased their learner autonomy. No significant difference was found between the two groups in their attitude towards using AES. The students further believed that their writing has improved after using AES, and their responses showed general satisfaction about their experience with it.