Miss. Sama Gad
Investigating the Potential Application of Virtual Supply Chain Concept in the Grocery Retailing Sector in Alexandria Egypt
This thesis identifies one of the current best practices in the retail industry supply chains abroad which is the virtual supply chain (VSC) concept, by providing a critical emphasis on the Egyptian grocery retail sector. This exploratory qwseeresearch assesses the current state of the grocery retail industry in Egypt by providing a coherent coverage of Carrefour and Fathallah practices that illustrate their retail supply chain activities and their preparedness to adopt the virtual shopping concept. A critical analysis of the Egyptian market with an emphasis on Alexandria’s city population will be conducted through applying the technology acceptance model (TAM) to assess the Egyptian customer’s acceptance of the virtual shopping, with over three hundred respondents surveyed by using printed questionnaire. The results of applying the TAM variables on accepting the virtual shopping concept by the Egyptian customer supports the idea and encourage retailers to adopt new technologies to improve their processes. Applying the virtual shopping will increase the retailer’s efficiency, responsiveness, market coverage and accessibility and consequently its profit will increase as well. On the other hand, the customer will benefit the convenience and ease of access of the needed grocery.