Youmna A. Abd El-Sameaa El-Herraoui
A Study of the Factors Affecting Consumer Intention and Purchasing Behavior of Green Products in Egypt
There has been a rising concern on environmental issues worldwide. Today’s consumers have started to realize that their purchasing behavior can actually cause a huge impact on the environment. Egypt shares most of the environmental problems of developing countries such as pollution excessive garbage, sewage, unclean streets, polluted air and undrinkable water and the rapid growth of Egypt’s population have caused additional environmental problems. Focusing on the reduction of pollution and the preservation of Egypt's natural resources there must be an effective environmental management which contributes to a fast movement of a greener society. Thus, environmental concerns of consumers need to be addressed in Egypt in order to prevent the damage and increase the standard of Egyptians living. Understanding the factors affecting purchasing behavior towards green products is necessary before the country can move towards an effective environmental policy and institutional actions. In this study, Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) model was used to predict consumers’ attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control to determine the intention of consumers to purchase Green Products, the variables Environmental Knowledge, the level of awareness & Perceived Consumer Effectiveness were added & the demographics were used as a moderating variable. From the findings and results, it may be suggested that educated consumers tend to be aware of green products and are also knowledgeable about environment related issues. Although such findings may only be drawn after a rigorous analysis based on a sample of post-graduates, the study suggests that educated Egyptian consumers are concerned about the environmental problems and such pro-environmental concerns influence their green purchasing behavior to some extent. Since it was found that consumers’ attitude and environmental Knowledge influence their purchase Behavior, green marketing efforts in the future should also convey the message that “each of us is responsible to save our earth”.