Hussein H. Ghouz
A Novel Ku-Band Microstrip Antenna
This paper presents a novel design of compact microstrip patch antenna for 79% utilization of the Ku-band satellite communication applications. The propounded design comprises of a rectangular patch with internal (built-in) resonator mounted on FR-4 single layer substrate with full ground plane fed by microstrip transmission line. The overall microstrip antenna’s patch dimensions are 9×12.75 mm2. The proposed antenna design has been simulated &#97 &#110 &#100 optimized using the commercial CST studio. The obtained results show that a wide operating band of 2.8 GHz (from 11.2 to 14.0 GHz) has been achieved. The recorded average gain &#97 &#110 &#100 total efficiency across the band are 4.65± 1 dB &#97 &#110 &#100 82.0 % respectively at center frequency.