Amr Mohamed Moneer Ibrahim
Educational Technology in MET, Simulator based training and information technology in MET
No doubt Information Technology (IT) nowadays is involved in almost all of our modern lifestyle in one form another simple tasks like making a phone call reserving a table for dinner will not take place without the interference of IT. If this is the case in simple life tasks, then it would be more appropriate and practical to use IT in education. Maritime education is a vocational education to a great extent. The best educational method in any vocational education is on-site training, backed up by theoretical lectures. Most of Maritime Educational and Training Institutes (METs), and because of number of factors, are doing it exactly the other way around, Theoretical lectures backed up by on-site training. This paper is trying to illustrate and discuss how to resolve this dilemma and amend the MET’s educational policies in order to put more vocational reality weight into their theoretical education with the usage of information technologies.