Mahmoud Ahmady
“ The Business Transformation Management (BTM) and its impact on the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) for having an effective Strategic Business Intelligence as well as a valuable Competitive Intelligence ”
This paper aims to explain how can the organizations develop a unique position in the marketplace , achieve a dominant strategic success and have a valuable sustainable competitive intelligence by trying to cut over the loop effectively of dealing with very dynamic and stressful forces of changes for exceeding the stakeholders’’ expectations which are usually the highest reasons that is pushing the organization to act reactively and working on unexpected direction .Consequently, here is the golden question, how can the organization react with these toughness forces for changing and improving with assurance and proactively? Is just applying CQI technique applying one of the major change strategies -as developmental change transitional change even transformational change-only applying the both. Here is a sub-questions will be pop up as, which approach should be implemented first, is there any conflict in interesting between them, which one will lead to Continuous improvement (CI) .This paper also presents the critical dark side of the planning, conducting and assessment of CQI approach that are totally damage any success of this approach on the long run and how the BTM dealing with that issue rootly through executing a new methodology Also, This paper describes an innovative methodology for enabling and sustaining CI called" Interoperability Transformation of Continues Quality Improvement ” (ITCQI), it is fully systematic overlapping between the BTM system in the interior of the CQI approach and I do develop a roadmap that will leads to the necessary output of having an effective competitive intelligence