Mahmoud Ahmady
The effectiveness of strategic Human Resources Management (HRM) on developing the Lean –Centric Approach (LCA) towards Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM) sustainability
The potential for an integrated supply chain to provide an alternate source of differentiation both highlights the importance for organizations of developing a competency in this area, and begs the question as to why it is still the domain of a minority .As a rapidly changing supply chain management environment, it requires for open communication, trust and recognition of the interdependence of “individual” elements of the supply chain. Without groundwork of effective supply chain organizational relationships aligned with human resources system in a lean centric organization, any efforts to manage the flow of information, materials cost flow across the supply chain will be unsuccessful .This lean environment requires HR professionals to develop an effective communication, well trained team management, and constant lifecycle innovation. So configuration and operation of supply chain activities and resources provides significant potential for developing new and alternate sources of sustainable competitive advantage.