Mahmoud Ahmady
The Impact of Maturing Integrating Risk Management (MIRM) on the efficiency of the Financial Leverage Decisions in developing Competitive Intelligence: An Empirical Study on Companies Listed in the Egyptian Securities Market
Organizations take several financial decisions, one of the most critical decisions affecting company value is financial leverage. Firms projecting a large degree of financial leverage could be beneficial and at the same time risky. This study presents a new approach known as "Maturing Integrated Risk Management" (MIRM), which maximizes the effectiveness of organizational decisions. This approach will enhance the full integration between strategic and operational standards, internally and externally across all over managerial hierarchy levels. In this study we will investigate the relationship between financial leverage and company performance by testing all companies that are listed in the Egyptian Securities Exchange market index (EGX 100) from the year from 2006 to 2012. The results indicate that financial leverage is negatively affecting Return on Sales (ROS), positively affecting Return on Earnings (ROE) and having no significant effect on Return on assets (ROA) and Earnings per Share (EPS).