Mahmoud Ahmady
Exploring The Impact Lean Performance Management ( LPM) Towards Superior Sustainable Value-Based(SSVB) Organization As A Competitive Intelligence
The Purpose of this paper is aimed to clarify the superior value of applying the lean performance management on the organization and being a lean centric oriented that will enhancing and the capability the core- competency of it in competing journey with any organization in the global industry. Adopting lean principles is influence the Performance measurement which is of critical importance in a company’s strategic actions towards minimizing the gap between the company strategic planning track and the actual performance track and starting lean efforts as a real and deeply understanding of the lean principles involved and, therefore, focus on the deeper changes necessary this will be a value creation not just improving the operation performance Therefore Value-based management provide to all managerial and non-managerial level with tools and techniques supporting the development and implementation of value-creating strategies and fully encourage them to realize their role in developing a superior sustainable value-based which leads to having a strong well -known brand name.