Mahmoud Ahmady
The Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on the Sustainable Efficiency of Education Learning Systematic Processes
The paper indicate that ICT is not just a useful e-tool but also it is a systematic approach to both motivate learning and promote greater efficiencies in education systems and practices .This review set out to identify and to clarify that the most challenges, limitations and the organization culture and how can educational institution deal with the effective use of ICT for education with regard to the teaching- learning process Therefore, an effective designed technology deployment will be used to disseminate resources, connect students to information, enhance teachers’ practices and students’ performance in all subject areas, improve school management, and support data-driven policymaking. and based on the research conclusion that the poor management of the ICT system and so other factors are the root cause of the ineffective impact of the ICT on the educational system. For dealing for that problem, and making ICL worth the reward, technology should be used to diagnose weak areas where system capacity is poor, schools are underperforming, as essential gaps in student learning, barriers to effective teaching, limitations in information management. A lot of work needs to be done in ICT-education approach to become effective and integral tools in sustainable educational process.