im433 Leadership in Industrial Organizations - year 20112012, semester Fall, Undergraduate
IM433-lec1-ch1-introduction [Compatibility Mode].pdf Lectures Notes
IM433-Ass1-Intro-to-MIS-secured.pdf Problem Sets - tutorials assignment 1: intro to mis
IM433-lec2-ch6-Introduction to DBMS.pdf Lectures Notes
IM433-Ass2-Intro-to-DBMS-secured.pdf Problem Sets - tutorials assignment 2: introduction to dbms
IM433-lec3-ER modeling.pdf Lectures Notes
IM433-fall2011-Ass3-secured.pdf Problem Sets - tutorials assignment 3: er model relational db design
IM433-lec4-DBdesign using ERmodel-secured.pdf Lectures Notes lec4: relational db design
IM433-Ass5-competitiveAdvantage.doc Problem Sets - tutorials
IM433-lec5- ch2-competetive advantage.pdf Lectures Notes