cs311 Theory of Computation - year 2016, semester Fall, Undergraduate
01-DFA.pdf Lectures Notes Deterministic Finite Automata
Course File Summary-CS311.pdf Course Outline Course Outline
02-NFA.pdf Lectures Notes Non-Determinism
CS311 Delivery System.pdf Course Outline
03-Regular Expressions.pdf Lectures Notes Regular Languages
04-Non-Regular Languages.pdf Lectures Notes Non-regular Languages
05-CFG.pdf Lectures Notes Context-Free Grammars
06-PDA.pdf Lectures Notes Push-Down Automata
07-PDA2.pdf Lectures Notes Puch-Down Automata and Non-Context-Free Languages
08-Turing Machines.pdf Lectures Notes Turing Machines
09-Variants of TM.pdf Lectures Notes Variants of Turing Machines
10-Complexity.pdf Lectures Notes