cc411 Introduction to Microprocessors - year 1999, semester Fall, Undergraduate
Syllabus of the course.pdf Lectures Notes course contents
Lecture 1 Introduction.pdf Lectures Notes introduction to cisc/risc processors
Lecture 2 Software Architecture.pdf Lectures Notes architecture of 8086/8088 processors
Lecture 4 Executing an assembly program.pdf Lectures Notes assembly language programming
Lecture 5 Structure of an assembly program.pdf Lectures Notes structure of assembly programs
Lecture 6 Instruction Set part I.pdf Lectures Notes instruction set of 8086 microprocessor (1)
7th Week Exam (Sample).pdf Lectures Notes 7th week exam (sample)
Lecture 8 Instruction set part II.pdf Lectures Notes instruction set of 8086 (2)
Lecture 9 Software Architecture.pdf Lectures Notes software architecture of the 8086/8088 microrocessors
Lecture 10 Hardware Specification.pdf Lectures Notes the 8086/8088 hardware specifications
Lecture 11 Info on 8086 Intel chipset.pdf Lectures Notes info on 8086 intel chipset
12th week exam (sample).pdf Lectures Notes 12th week exam (sample)
Lecture 13 Memory Organization.pdf Lectures Notes memory & memory interface
Lecture 14 Input_Output Interface circuits.pdf Lectures Notes input/output interface circuits
8284.pdf Lectures Notes case study: cmos clock generator driver