ec210 Solid State Electronics - year 2014, semester Fall, Undergraduate
Lec-1_EC210-aast.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 1 Crystal Structure
Lec2-EC210-aast-v2.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 2: Miller Indices - Revised Version 2
Lec3-EC210-bonds-waves.pdf Lectures Notes Lec.3: Bonds and Waves
Lect_4-EC210-photo.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 4: Photoelectric Effects
Lect_5 Schrodinger-intro-v2.pdf Lectures Notes Lec.5 : Electron Wavelength, Introduction to Schrodinger
Lec6-Schrdgr-Heisnbrg.pdf Lectures Notes Lec6: Solution of Schrodinger Eqn., Heisenberg
lec-7-step-hydrogen-1.pdf Lectures Notes Lec.7: Step Potential and Coulomb (Hydrogen)
lec-8-hydrogen2-band-theory-f14.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 8: Hydrogen Atom and Band Theory
Lect_9-K-P-meff-f14-v2.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 9: Band Theory: Kronig-Penny Model, Effective Mass
Lec10_Semiconductors 1-f14-v2.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 10: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductor
Lec11_Drift-diff-f14.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 11: Drift and Diffusion Current
Lec12-13-carrier-stat-f14.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 12-13: Carrier Statistics with Examples