ec210 Solid State Electronics - year 2016, semester Spring, Undergraduate
ec-210-Lec-1-Crystal-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lecture 1: Crystals
Effective Mass-part2.pdf Problem Sets - tutorials Effective mass part (2)
ec-210-Lec-2-bonds-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lecture 2: Bonds
Lec3_Semiconductors-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lecture 3: semiconductors (1)
Lec4_conductivity-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lecture 4: Conductivity
ec210-Lec5-carrier-stat-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lecture 5: Carrier Statistics 1
ec210-Lec6-carrier-calculation-sp16-v2.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 6: Carrier Concentration
Lect_9-part1-meff-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 9 Part 1: Effective Mass
Lect_9-part2-DOS-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 9 Part 2: Density of States
Lec-7-photo-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 7: Photoelectric Effect
Lect_8 Schrodinger-sp16-part1.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 8 Part1: Intro. to Schrodinger Eqn.
Lec_8 Schrodinger-sp16-part2.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 8 Part 2: Solution of Schrodinger Eqn., Heisenberg
lec-10-hydrogen-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 10: Hydrogen Potential
Lect_11-Band-Theory-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 11: Band Theory
Lect_12-E-K_and_Eg-sp16.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 12: E-k Diagram and Energy Gaps