me274 Material Science - year 2016, semester Fall, Undergraduate
MaterialScience_01.pdf Lectures Notes Introduction
Diffusion_Solved-Examples.docx Problem Sets - tutorials Solved Examples on Diffusion
MaterialScience_02.pdf Lectures Notes Atomic Bonding
MaterialScience_03.pdf Lectures Notes Crystal Systems
MaterialScience_04.pdf Lectures Notes Points, directions and planes
MaterialScience_05.pdf Lectures Notes XRD and Crystal defects
MaterialScience_06.pdf Lectures Notes Crystal defects and Microscopy
MaterialScience_07.pdf Lectures Notes Diffusion in solids
MaterialScience_08.pdf Lectures Notes Mechanical Properties
MaterialScience_09.pdf Lectures Notes Strengthening Mechanisms
MaterialScience_10.pdf Lectures Notes Mechanical Failure
MaterialScience_11.pdf Lectures Notes Phase Diagrams