ec210 Solid State Electronics - year 2015, semester Spring, Undergraduate
Lab Material
EC210-sp15-Lab1-Crystals-FreeMat.pdf Lab Material Lab. 1: Crystals and FreeMat
EC210-sp15-Lab2-Binding-Plots.pdf Lab Material Lab. 2: Binding Energy and Plotting using Matlab
EC210-sp15-Lab 3-Waves-Optical.pdf Lab Material Lab. 3: Waves, Photosensors, solar cells
EC210-sp15-Lab 4-Photoresistor .pdf Lab Material Lab. 4: Photoresistor Project
EC210 -sp15-Lab5- Schrdngr-Traveling Wave.pdf Lab Material Lab 5: Shcrodinger traveling wave
EC210-sp15-Lab 6- Tunneling.pdf Lab Material Lab. 6: Tunneling
EC210 - Lab 7- K-P Model.pdf Lab Material Lab. 7: Kronnig-Penney