ee703 Advanced Engineering Mathematics - year 2015, semester Fall, Postgraduate
Lectures Notes
EC760-f15-References.pdf Lectures Notes References
EC760-lec3-Eigenvalue-Itrative-f15.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 3: Iterative Methods for Eigenvalue (Power Method)
EC760-lec4-f15-wave-eqn-v2-1.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 4: Wave Equation
EC760-lec5-f15-2D-Laplace-v2.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 5: 2D Laplace
EC760-lec6-f15-ODE-series-soln-v1-1.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 6: Series Solution of Differential Eqns
EC760-lec7-sp-func-f15-v1-1.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 8: Frobenious Method - Bessel Eqn
EC760-lec9-Gamma-v2.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 9: Gamma Function
EC760-f16-lec1-Gauss-Elmn-LU-v3.1.pdf Lectures Notes Lec-1-Guassian Elinination & LU Factorization
EC760-f16-lec2-Eigenvalue.pdf Lectures Notes Lec. 2: Eigenvalue (Analytical and Finite