Rana K Abolfotoh

Assistant Lecturer


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College of Language and Communication - Alex

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Primary information

  • Country : Egypt
  • City : Cairo
  • Room No. : 0
  • Place of Birth : Gharbeya Governorate
  • Web page :
  • Contact Address : Cairo, Nasr City, Al Hay Al Asher, Ahmed ElZomor Street, Building 21, Flat 11
  • Bio: I'm Rana Khaled, an assistant lecturer at faculty of Language and Communication, Media department (Miami Branch) I'm a graduate of faculty of Mass communication, English section, Journalism department, Cairo University (Class 2012) with excellent grades with honor. I hold a master's degree in international journalism from Faculty of Mass Communication, English section at Cairo University (Thesis entitled "Information Sources of the Foreign Residents in Egypt about the Current Events, A Field Study" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Alam El Din) I have previous work experience in different media fields as I worked as: • An arts and culture journalist at Daily News Egypt Newspaper • A Society and environment reporter at Egypt Independent newspaper (the English edition of El Masry El-Youm) • An editor and translator at the magazine of the German-Arab chamber of industry and commerce I was also Selected to represent Egypt at the International Foreign Correspondent's program in Finland. (August 2015)
English Researches
  • Year : 2016
    • Topic :
    •      Rana Khaled Abol Fotoh, "The Information Sources of the Foreign Residents in Egypt about Current Events (A Field Study)", 2016. Cairo University, Faculty of Mass Communication, Journalism Department, Master's thesis,vol., no., pp. - , 2016-02-02.
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