Israa M Mahran , BS.


Field of Interest


  • Assistant Lecturer- March 2018-Present

    Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)- September 2014- March 2018

    Part-time Instructor (September 2011- June 2014)

    Israa Mahran is currently an Assistant Lecturer in the College of Language and Communication (CLC). She earned her Master’s Degree in English Literature in 2017. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Department of English Language and Literature, Literature Section (class 2011). She teaches a variety of English Literature courses such Introduction to Literary Texts, Comparative Literature, Novel 1, Novel 2 and Poetry 1. Mahran also co-supervises the senior year’s graduation projects which are targeted towards translating literary works of the students’ choice and writing academic papers on the translation process, techniques, and the problems encountered during the translation process. In addition to teaching literary courses, she taught other non-literary courses, ESP courses, such as English for Business and Speech and Communication Skills in the College of Business Administration and English for Tourism in the College of Hotels and Tourism.

    In addition to her work as a teacher, Mahran is a term coordinator and academic advisor in the CLC. As a coordinator, she is responsible for managing a team of lecturers and their assistants who teach a variety of specialized courses. As an academic advisor, she is responsible for: setting up schedules for the core and elective courses offered each term, registering to students at the beginning of each term, providing each student with advice regarding the choice of subjects, and following up on the students’ academic progress and attendance. Mahran has also worked as an assistant coordinator for Business English courses. As an assistant coordinator, she assisted in managing a team of lecturers to assure work efficiency in addition, she assisted in developing new course materials and introducing innovative teaching techniques.


  • Master's Degree in English Literature, Faculty of Arts, Department of English Language and Literature, Alexandria University, Nov 2017
  • BA in English Literature, Faculty of Arts, Department of English Language and Literature, Alexandria University, May 2011

List of Publications

    • Israa Mohamed Mahran Kamel, "Foucault’s Panopticism in Eugene Zamiatin’s We and Dave Eggers’ The Circle" , Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts, Department of English Language and Literature , 2017.
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  • 1) Novel 1.
    2) Novel 2.
    3) Graduation Project.
    4) Comparative Literature.
    5) Poetry 1.
    6) ESP (English for Specific Purposes).
    7) Speech and Communication Skills
    8) Introduction to Literary Texts

Fields of Interest

  • English Literature
  • Criticism
  • American Studies
  • Comparative Literature
  • Translation


  • - Reading, especially English and Arabic literature.

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