Mohamed - Ayoub , Ph.D.

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  • Mohammed Ayoub is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design Department. He holds a PhD Degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, 2012. Being the Course Coordinator of Computer-Aided Design at my home department, he has an extensive experience in teaching and continuously updating computer-related courses such as 3D Modeling, BIM, Parametric Design, and Graphic Design. His academic experience also includes teaching a number of courses on architectural program such as Architectural Design, Execution Design, and City and Regional Planning. He also has a good experience in setting up new computer-related courses and workshops, as well as professional validation through his previous roles in the department’s accreditation committee for the Royal Institute for British Architects (RIBA) of the Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design Program, which was the 1st to be accredited unconditionally by the RIBA in the Middle East and North Africa region. As a highly motivated researcher, he is interested in the environmental design aspects related to the built environment in the Middle East. His current research projects focus on coupling algorithmic design with sustainable development, traditional architecture, passive techniques, and building performance simulation.

List of Publications


  • Arch. Design (2),
    Arch. Design (5),
    Arch. Design (6),
    3D Modeling,
    Computer Application in Architecture,
    City and Regional Planning, Rendering and Animation, and
    Execution Design (3)

Fields of Interest

  • Architectural Design, Parametric Design, Environmental Design

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Room No: 215

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