Asmaa M. Ali , MS.

Senior TA.



List of Publications

    • asmaa ali, "Removal of Pb2+, Cu2+, and Cd2+ from treated wastewater using ceramic membranes" , Assiut University, faculty of engineering, The8thInt.Conf.for Develop.and the Env. in the Arab world, ppt. from 223-233 , 2016.
    • asmaa ali, "Chemical and microstructural analyses for heavy metals removal from water media by ceramic membrane filtration" , International Journal of Water Science& technology (IWA) , 2016.


  • - Engineering Drawing and Projection ME151
    - Hydraulics for Civil
    Engineers CB281
    - Water Resources EngineeringCB382
    - Irrigation and Drainage CB483
    - Transportation and Traffic Engineering CB472
    -Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures 2 CB455
    -Design and Construction of Coastal Structures CB485
    -Introduction to Construction Management CB311
    -Environmental & Sanitary Engineering CB532

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