Salma A. El Mallah , MS.

Assistant Professor

Research Indicators


  • Salma Elmallah obtained her Master's degree in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. She won the best thesis award and was nominated for the Governor's General Gold Medal Award which is the most prestigious academic national award in Canada.

    She is now doing her PhD at Alexandria University in affiliation with Ryerson University. Her research project is about the development of a new drug for the treatment of the genetic disease (Cystic Fibrosis). She has done a good progress in this field that was recently published in international journals.

    Salma is now an assistant lecturer of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. She is really passionate about designing and synthesizing new drugs which is her area of expertise.

    She is looking forward to transfer her experience from studying abroad to her students in terms of scientific research and how to be self guided.


  • Assistant Lecturer (AAST) 2017-Present:

    - Medicinal Chemistry
    - Organic Chemistry II
    - Organic Chemistry I

    Teaching Assistant (Ryerson University):

    - General Chemistry (CHY 123) Fall 2012 – Winter 2013
    - Organic Chemistry (CHY 200) Winter 2012
    - Organic Chemistry I (CHY 142) Fall 2011
    - General Chemistry II (CHY 113) Winter 2011
    - Organic Chemistry (CHY 200) Winter 2011
    - Organic Chemistry I (CHY 142) Fall 2010

Research Indicators


  • Dragon Boat, Horse-Riding, Tennis and Reading

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