Mahmoud F. Hussin , Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Manager of Information & Documentation Center

Field of Interest
Work Experience


Work Experience

  • Manager, Jan 2008 - up till now
    Information and Documentation Center
    Arab Academy for Science and Technology
  • Team Leader, Jan 2002 - Jan 2008
    Information and Documentation Center
    Arab Academy for Science and Technology
  • System Analyst and Programmer, Jan 1996 - Jan 2001
    Information and Documentation Center
    Arab Academy for Science and Technology


  • in Ph. D. in Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University, Jan 2005
  • in M. Sc. in Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University, Alexandria, Aug 1998
  • in B. Sc. in Computer Science & Automatic Control, Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University, Jun 1993
  • in Secondary School, Abbasia Secondary School, Jun 1988

List of Publications

    • Ibrahim A. El rube, Mohamad Abou El Nasr, Mostafa M. Naim, M. F. Hussin, "Contourlet versus Wavelet Transform for a Robust Digital Image Watermarking Technique" , , 2009.
    • M. F. Hussin, Mahmoud R. Farra, Yasser El-Sonbaty, "Extending the Growing Hierarchal SOM for clustering documents in graphs domain" , pp. 4028-4035 , 2008.
    • Mohammed W. Ashour, M. F. Hussin, Khaled M. Mahar, "Supervised texture classification using several features extraction techniques based on ANN and SVM" , pp. 567-574 , 2008.
    • M. F. Hussin, Ibrahim El Rube, Mohamed S. Kamel, "Enhanced document clustering using fusion of multiscale wavelet decomposition" , pp. 870-874 , 2008.
    • Mohammed Waleed Ashour , Khaled Mahar, and M.F.Hussin, "Artificial Neural Network for Texture Classification Using Several Features: A Comparative Study" , , 2007.
    • M. F. Hussin, M. Kamel, S. Bassiouny, and M. Nagi, "Enhanced web document clustering using Neural Network" , pp.187-202 , 2005.
    • M.F.Hussin, and M.Kamel, "Enhanced Neural Network Document Clustering Using SOM based Word Clusters" , , 2005.
    • M.F. Hussin, J. Bakus, and M. Kamel, "Enhanced phrase-based document clustering using Self-Organizing Map (SOM) architectures" , pp. 405-424 , 2004.
    • M.F. Hussin, M. Kamel, "Integrating Phrases to Enhance HSOMART based Document Clustering" , Vol. 3, pp. 2347-2352 , 2004.
    • S. Bassiouny, M.Nagi, and M.F.Hussin, "Feature Subset ion in SOM based Text Categorization" , pp. 860-866 , 2004.
    • M.F.Hussin, M.Kamel, and M.Nagi, "An Efficient Two-level SOMART Document Clustering Through Dimensionality Reduction" , pp. 158 – 165 , 2004.
    • M.F. Hussin, M. Kamel, "Document clustering using hierarchical SOMART neural network" , Vol. 3, pp. 2238-2241 , 2003.
    • J. Bakus , M. F. Hussin, and M. Kamel, "A SOM-Based Document Clustering using Phrases" , Vol. 5, pp. 2212-2216 , 2002.
    • M.F. Hussin, B. M. Abouelnasr, and A. A. Shoukry, "Comparative study of Neural Network Controllers for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems" , VOL. 1822,pp. 357-368 , 2000.
    • M.F. Hussin, B. M. Abouelnasr, and A. A. Shoukry, "Identification of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Using Neural Network" , , 1998.


  • Mathematics.
    Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering.
    Mathematical Statistics.
    Electrical Measurements.
    Numerical Analysis.
    Automatic Control.
    Logic Circuits & Design.
    Analogue Computers.
    Computer Organization.
    Operating System.
    Advanced Computer Organization.
    Artificial Intelligence & Fuzzy Logic.
    Intelligent Control.
    Internet Programming.
    Advanced Operating System.
    Advanced Database.
    Advanced Programming Language

Fields of Interest

  • Data Mining and Databases.
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANNs)
  • Fuzzy Logic.
  • Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.
  • Intelligent Control.
  • Intelligent Information Agents.
  • Human-Agent Interaction and interfaces for information Agents.
  • Methods of Adaptation and Learning for Systems of Information Agents.
  • Query Reformulation and Information Source ion.
  • Query Planning and Optimization.
  • Learning coordination strategies for cooperative multiagent

Address : Information Center - Abo Kair, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, P.O.Box: 1029 - alexandria, Egypt.

Phone :

mobile : 002-0122832176

fax : 03-5621477

office phone : 03-5621477

internal phone : 1129

Room No: B3

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