Mosatafa Mohamed Khalifa Abdel Salam




  • 2012-Now Professor Emeritus, AAST
    1998-2002 Professor, AAST College of Engineering
    2008-2010 Dean of Admission, AAST-Cairo
    2005-2008 Dean of Students, AAST-Cairo
    2002-2005 Department Head, Construction Engineering Department, AAST-Cairo
    2002-2005 Department Head, Architecture Engineering Dept., AAST-Cairo
    1996-1997 Professor (Part time), Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Egypt
    1991-1996 Senior Scientist, Applied Superconductivity Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    The Principal Investigator in the areas of superconducting magnet design and development and cryogenic structural materials. Write grant proposals, lead and manage projects in these two areas.
    1988-1991 Associate Scientist, Applied Superconductivity Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Assistant Manager of the SMES (Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage) program co-responsible for its multi-million dollar component development and testing program. Conduct technical feasibility studies in the areas of superconducting magnet systems. Lead and supervise research in composite structural supports and high purity aluminum for cryogenic applications.
    1985-1988 Assistant Scientist, Applied Superconductivity Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
    Design, model and optimize superconducting magnet systems. Conduct and supervise graduate students’ research in the areas of fiberglass reinforced composites and high purity aluminum.
    1982-1985 Project Associate, Applied Superconductivity Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
    Carry on research in the areas of magnetic ore separation and fatigue of structural composite materials. Conduct feasibility studies and size requirements for the use of superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) in the electric utility industry.
    1984-1995 Consultant, Private, USA
    Clients included NASA, General Electric, Madison Magnetics, and IHI (Japan).
    Design and optimize cryogenic magnet systems. Write software for modeling complicated cryogenic systems.
    1976-1982 Research Assistant (half time), Engineering Experiment Station, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Design, build and test a superconducting magnetic ore separator. Study the performance of the separator both analytically and experimentally.
    1972-1976 Lecturer, Mattariah Technical College, Cairo, Egypt. Teach undergraduate courses in civil engineering drawings, descriptive geometry, and structural analysis.
    1974-1976 Structural Engineer, Private, Cairo, Egypt. Provided structural design of several buildings in Egypt and in the United Arab Emirates.


  • PhD in Mining and Mineral Engineeing, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madsion, USA, Oct 1982
  • MSc in Engineering Mechanics, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madsion, USA, Jan 1981
  • BSc in Civil Engineering ( Structures ), Cairo University, Egypt, Jul 1972


  • Structural Analysis I
    Strength of Materials
    Testing of Materials
    Material Science
    Mechanics of Materials

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