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  • Amgad is an assistant professor at the department of architecture and environmental design, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo – Egypt. He completed his PhD degree in Karlsruhe University in the department of building physics (FBTA) since 2011 where he studied the boundaries of thermal comfortable conditions in hot climates. His studies focused on the adaptive comfort model and the acceptable limits in hot climates. He hold a Master degree in environmental design from Cairo University since 2006, in which he studied gated communities and how to use their potentials and the willingness and affordability of their owners in creating sustainable communities.
    His practical experience relates to his academic interests as he worked for EUD Company where he implemented environmental design solutions on the design phase of a high-end residential compound on Cairo-Alexandria desert road. He worked as a freelance architect on major industrial projects where the internal thermal environments were related to the production process and the type of product. He was responsible for the design and supervision of two pharmaceutical facilities, together with two facilities for food production and cold stores. Also designed and constructed several landscape projects.

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Courses Added
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AR313 - Architectural Design 3

2011 Spring View All Content
- Lectures Notes - Exams - Course Outline - Problem Sets - tutorials - Lab Material

AR456 - Execution Design 2

2011 Spring View All Content
- Lectures Notes - Exams - Course Outline - Problem Sets - tutorials - Lab Material
Spring - 2014
Sunday 2pm 4pm
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Work Experience

  • Architect, Jan 2001 - up till now
    Freelance Architect


  • PhD in Architecture, University of Karlsruhe, Faculty of Architecture, Division of Building Science- Germany , Jan 2011
  • Master of Science in Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, Oct 2006
  • BSc in Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, Sep 2000

List of Publications

    • Amgad Aly Fahmy Farghal, "Studying the Adaptive Comfort Model, A Case Study in Arid Climate: Cairo, Egypt" , VDM Verlag Dr. Müller e.K. ISBN 978-3-639-35222-1 , 2011.
    • Farghal,A., Wagner, A., "Enhancing the Adaptive Comfort Standard, a case study in a hot dry climate, Cairo, Egypt" , Windsor conference U.K. , 2010.
    • •Farghal,A., Wagner, A., "Studying the adaptive comfort approach within a hot dry climate: a case study in educational buildings in the Egyptian climate" , Windsor conference U.K. , 2008.
    • • Wagner, A., Moosmann, C., Gropp, T., Gossauer, E, und Farghal, A., "Thermischer Komfort in einem natürlich gelüfteten Gebäude - Ergebnisse einer Felduntersuchung" , Gesundheitsingenieur Haustechnik - Bauphysik – Umwelttechnik Inhaltsverzeichnis ISSN: 0932-6200 , 2008.
    • • Amgad,F., Moemen, A., "Gated Communities as a Catalyst for Approaching Sustainability" , IAPS 19 Conference , 2006.


  • Egyptian Engineering Syndicate
  • NCEUB - Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings

Fields of Interest

  • Architectural design - environmental design

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