Salema . Fayed , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor



List of Publications

    • Salema Fathy Fayed, "Compressive Sensing for Target Detection and Tracking within Wireless Visual Sensor Networks-based Surveillance applications" , A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement of Staffordshire University for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (2016) .
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    • Salema fayed, Sherin Youssef, Amr El-Helw, Mohamed Patwary, Mansour Moniri, "Adaptive compressive sensing for target tracking within wireless visual sensor networks-based surveillance applications" , Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer, vol 75, issue 11, pp 6347-6371 (2015) .
    • Salema Fayed, Sherin Youssef, Amr El-Helw, Mohammad Patwary and Mansour Moniri, "A Hybrid Adaptive Compressive Sensing Model for Visual Tracking in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks" , International Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, vol 8, pp 399-409 (2014) .
    • Salema fayed, Sherin Youssef, Amr El_Helw, Akbar Sheikh, Mohamed Patwary, Mansour Moniri, "Comparative Analysis on the Competitiveness of Conventional and Compressive Sensing-based Query Processing" , Conference Advances in Information Science and Applications, 18th international conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computer, vol 1. Pp 240-245 (2014) .
    • Salema fayed, Sherin Youssef, Amr El_Helw, Mohamed Patwary, Mansour Moniri, "Compressive Sensing-based Target Tracking for Wireless Visual Sensor Networks" , 18th international conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computers (CSCC 2014), vol 1, pp 44-50 (2014) .
    • Sherin youssef, Meer Hamza, Salema Fayed, "EQOWSN: Evolutionary-based query optimization over self-organized wireless sensor networks" , Expert systems with applications, vol 36, pp 81-92 (2009) .
    • Meer Hamza, Sherin Youssef, Salema Fayed, "A Distributed Energy Efficient Query Processing in Self-organized Wireless Sensor Networks" , World Congress on Engineering, London, pp1482-1487 (2007) .

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