Samy A. Mansour , Ph.D.

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  • After graduating with second class honors from the Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt, Samy involved in onboard crew of MPSV/DP2 vessel at Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies and Services Company - Abu Dhabi, UAE. Afterward, He joined Egyptian Ship Repairs and Building Company, Ministry of Defense, Alexandria, Egypt as a shipbuilding and repair engineer. He was awarded a scholarship. In 2008, he got a new position as teaching assistant at the College of Maritime Transport and Technology, Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Alexandria, Egypt. In 2012, He was awarded a scholarship given by The Korea Ship and Offshore Research Institute (The Lloyd's Register Foundation Research Centre of Excellence) to pursue PhD in South Korea. On return worked as Assistant Professor of Marine engineering technology.
    Assistant Professor Samy has published over 20 peer reviewed research at international journals and conferences on quantitative risk assessment contributing to the risk-based Design framework (RBD) for ship and offshore structures following probabilistic approaches. At AASTMT, he teaches shipyard ship repair technology, Introduction to offshore engineering, Naval architecture and ship construction, Ship design, Statistics and decision making and Engine room resource management. Dr. Samy is also a reviewer for several publications such Journal of Ships and Offshore Structures, International Journal of Impact Engineering and Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering.

Work Experience

  • Lecturer, Sep 2008 - up till now
    Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
    Member of teaching staff specialist in the following academic courses:
    1) Shipyard Technology.
    2) Technology of Ship Repair.
    3) Naval Architecture and Ship Construction.
    4) Ship Design.
    5) Mechanical engineering (Static & Dynamic).
  • Ship repair & dry dock Engineer, Jan 2006 - Sep 2008
    Egyptian Ship Repairs & Building Company, Ministry of Defense
    Member of floating dock crew concerned in ship overhaul as the following:
    1) Hull repair works: Renewal of hull steel (outer shell, tanks internals and super structure) plus hull cleaning and painting.
    2) Machinery repair works: Maintenance of (Va
  • Marine Engineer, Jan 2005 - Jan 2006
    Al Ghith Marine Oil Field Services (AGMS)
    Member of an oil field supply vessel crew.

List of Publications

    • Samy Adly Mansour Youssef and Jeom Kee Paik, "Hazard identification and scenario Selection of ship grounding accidents" , Ocean Engineering, Vol. 153, pp. 242–255 (2018) .
    • Muhammad Faisal, Sung Hwan Noh, Md. Rokan Uddin Kawsar, Samy A.M. Youssef, Jung Kwan Seo, Yeon Chul Ha, Jeom Kee Paik, "Rapid hull collapse strength calculations of double hull oil tankers after collisions" , Ships and Offshore Structures, Vol. 12, Issue 5, pp. 624-639 (2017) .
    • Samy Adly Mansour Youssef, Sung Hwan Noh and Jeom Kee Paik, "A new method for assessing the safety of ships damaged by collisions" , Ships and Offshore Structures, Vol. 12, Issue 6, pp. 862-872 (2017) .
    • Samy Adly Mansour Youssef, "Risk Control Options Against Ship Collision and Grounding accidents: A Survey of the State-of-the-Art" , Naval Engineers Journal, Vol. 129, Issue 1, pp 99-110 (2017) .
    • Jeom Kee Paik, Sung Jin Kim Yeong Ko Ko, "Collision Risk Assessment of a VLCC Class Tanker" , SNAME Maritime Convention, 23-28 October 2017 (2017) .
    • Sung Hwan Noh, Jeom Kee Paik, Jung Kwan Seo, and Samy A.M. Youssef,, "Rapid assessment of hull girder collapse for corroded double hull oil tanker after collision" , Proceedings of the ASME 2016 35th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE) (2016) .
    • Y.S. Kim, J. K. Paik, M.S. Kim and F. Cheng, "Probabilistic Selection for Ship-ship Collision Scenarios" , Proceedings of the ASME 2013 32nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE) (2013) .
    • S.T. Ince, S.A.M. Youssef, Y.S. Kim, J.K. Seo, B. J. Kim and J.K. Paik, "Structural Response Characteristics of Ships Involved in Collision Accident" , Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding (ICCAS) (2013) .
    • S.A.M. Youssef, S. T. Ince, Y.S. Kim, M. Faisal and J.K. Paik, "Structural Consequence Analysis of Aged Double Hull Oil Tankers Involved in Ship-ship Collision" , Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Thin-Walled Structures (ICTWS) (2013) .
    • EL-Sayed Hussein Hegazy1,Sherif Farouk Badran, SamyAdly Youssef, "Structural design of double hull oil tankers for collision" , Port Said Engineering Research Journal, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 61-69, 2012. , 2012.
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    • EL-Sayed Hussein Hegazy,Sherif Farouk Badran, SamyAdly Youssef, "Safe Struck Ship(3S):Software Package for Structural analysis of collision between ships" , Port Said Engineering Research Journal, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 68-79, 2012. , 2012.
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    • Samy A.M. Youssef, "Structural Safety of Double Hull Oil Tankers After Collision" , College of Engineering and Technology, AASTMT, Egypt, 2011. , 2012.
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  • Meticulous academic professional seeking an Educator role in which to apply knowledge of learning management systems and a passion for engaging lectures. Known for implementing innovative teaching methods to increase student engagement. Aiming to leverage 11 years of academic experience plus 4 years of field experience to drive student growth and participation.

Research Indicators

Honours & Awards

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc), Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Second class honours
    Alexandria University
  • Best paper Award (Samuel Baxter Prize)
    from the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), UK
  • Best paper Award (WHC Nicholas Prize)
    from the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), UK

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