Essam A Abdel-Mawla , Ph.D.

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Work Experience

  • Researcher, Jan 1988 - Jan 2008
    National Institute of ocenaography and fishery

List of Publications

    • Ashraf Mahdy Sharoba, Osama Mahmoud Morsy, Essam Abdel-Mawla, and Hammam Bahlol, "Utilization of Spirulina to Improve the Nutritional Value of some Foods Products such as(Snacks, Biscuit and Juices)." , LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, Saarbrucken, Deutschland. ISBN: 978-3-330-01359-9 , 2017.
    • Abd El-Salam Amira M., O.M. Morsy and E.M. Abd El Mawla, "Production and evaluation crackers and instant noodles supplement with spirulina algae." , Current Science International Vol. (6)4 :908- 919. , 2017.
    • Essam Abdelmawla, Olfat Malak Wahbi and Howaida Hassan Abdou, "Lipid Classes, Fatty Acid Profile and Histology of Ovaries of Parent and Progeny of Oreochromis niloticus Reared in Aquaponic System" , J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., 12 (5): 218-225, 2017 , 2017.
    • El-Dakhly A.T and Abdel-mawla-E., "The Impetus influences of spirulina as immunostimulant on the response of ppr vaccine in small ruminant." , EPRA International Journal of Research and Development (IJRD). Vol 1(2): 1-9. , 2016.
    • M.O. Elshazly Ashraf M. Morgan Merhan E. Ali Essam Abdel-mawla and Sahar S. Abd El-Rahman, "The mitigative effect of Raphanus sativus oil on chromium-induced geno- and hepatotoxicity in male rats." , Journal of Advanced Research (2016) 7, 413–421 , 2016.
    • Safaa Abbas Abed M.O. El-Shazely Kawkab A. Ahmed Essam M. Abdel- mawla and Adel K. Ibrahim, "Therapeutic Effects of Spirulina Platensis on Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats." , Egypt. J. Comp. Path &Clinic Path. Vol. 28 No.1 18- 31. , 2015.
    • Safaa Abbas Abed M.O. El-Shazely Kawkab A. Ahmed Essam M. Abdel-mawla and Adel K. Ibrahim, "Pathological, Immunohistochemical and Biochemical Studies on The Therapeutic Effect of Raphanus Sativus Oil on Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats." , Egypt. J. Comp. Path &Clinic Path. Vol. 28 No.1, 2015 1- 17 , 2015.
    • Morsy O.M. Sharoba A.M. EL-Desouky A.I. Bahlol H.E.M. and Abd El Mawla E., "Production and evaluation of some extruded food products using spirulina algae." , Annals of Agric. Sci., Moshtohor Vol. 52(4) (2014), 329–342 , 2014.
    • Ksiksi, T.S., Youssef, T. and Essam Abdelmawla, E., "Sea Level Rise and Abu Dhab Coastlines: An Initial Assessment of the Impact on Land and Mangrove Areas." , J Ecosyst Ecogr 2012, 2:4 , 2012.
    • Abdel-Mawla, E., "Modeling the Nutirients-Food web interactions in Aquatic Ecosystem using System Dynamics Techniques." , Maritime Scientific Research Journal. Vol. (2) No. (1): 49-58. , 2011.
    • Elhaweet, A.E. Fishar, M.R. Geneid, Y. and Abdel-Mawla, E., "Assessment of fisheries and marine biodiversity of Sallum Gulf, Egypt." , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE and ENGINEERING (IJESE) Vol. 1: 21-34 , 2011.
    • Abdel-Mawla, E., "Assessment the impact of Sea-Level-Rise on the Egyptian Mediterranean coasts." , Journal of Arab Institute of Navigation, Vol (25): 9-14. , 2010.
    • Abdel-Mawla, E., "Role of site hydrology as a major component in mangrove restoration: A case study in Abu Al Abyad and Eastern Mangrove Islands, UAE." , Maritime Scientific Research Journal. Vol. (1) No. (2): 111-124 , 2010.
    • Abdel-Mawla, E., "Application of Remote sensing in Mapping arid wetland habitats of Saadiyat Island using remote Sensing." , Journal of Arab Institute of Navigation, Vol (25): 44-52. , 2009.
    • Abdel-Mawla, E. and Ghalwash, G., "Modeling the ecological impact of marine oil spill pollution using GIS-Decision support system." , The 9 th International Maritime Conference, Alex, 18-19 December, 2005 , 2005.
    • Abdel-Mawla, E. and Ghalwash, G., "Modeling the environmental risk analysis due to tankers oil spill using the system dynamics approach." , Arab Institute Journal Of Navigation (AIN), 20, 59-66. , 2005.
    • Abo-Elela, G. Elsersy, N. Elshenawy, M. and Abdel-Mawla, E., "Microbial assessment of El-Max Fish Farm." , Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research. Vol. 31(1). 171-184. , 2005.
    • Laurent, L. P. Casale MN. Bradai BJ. Godley G. GEROSA BRODERICK W. Schroth B. Schierwater AM. Levy D. Freggi EM, ABD EL ‐ MAWLA DA, Hadoud HE, Gomati M, Domingo M, Hadjichristophorou L, Kornaraky F, Demirayak and CH. Gautier, "Molecular resolution of marine turtle stock composition in fishery bycatch: a case study in the Mediterranean" , Molecular Ecology 7(11): 1529-1542 , 1998.
    • Laurent, L. Abdel-Mawla, E. Bradai, M.N. F, "Reducing sea turtle mortality induced by Mediterranean fisheries: Trawling activity in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey." , WWF International Mediterranean Program , 1995.

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