Nancy Ali Youssif , MS.

Senior TA.

Research Indicators


List of Publications

    • Nancy Youssef, "The Effect of Board Structure on Mutual Funds' Performance and Fee Structure in the Egyptian Stock Market and The Effect of Board Structure on Stock Picking and Market Timing Abilities of the Egyptian Mutual Fund Managers: Evidence from Financial Crisis" , (Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff School of Management) , 2016.
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  • Financial Management
    Financial Analysis
    Financial Markets and Institutions
    Operations Research
    Production Operations Management
    Production, Planning and Control
    Materials and Logistics Management
    Principles of Accounting (1)
    Principles of Accounting (2)
    Accounting Information Systems
    Financial control
    Economic Development
    Money and Banking
    Contemporary Management and Economic Issues
    Economic of Resources and Environment
    Strategic management
    Principles of Management (2)

Research Indicators

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