El Dayash Saad El Dayyash

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  • El Dayash Saad is a marine Lecturer at Sea Training Institute (STI),Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport(AASTMT),Alexandria.Egypt.He completed his bachelors degree in Maritime Transport-Nautical Technology at AASTMT and his Master of Science degree in Maritime Transport Technology (Operation of Ship and Maritime Safety)Before joining the AASTMT,Eldayash spent 6 years at sea as deck officer on board different types of merchant vessel.He currently resides in Alexandria,Egypt with his wife and two childeren.You can reach him at eldayashsaad@aast.edu

Academic Experience

  • Lecturer, Aug 2010 - up till now
    Train and instruct Navigation,Stability and Cargo handling
    Guided sea training - STI - AASTMT
  • Lecturer, Jan 2009 - Aug 2010
    Teaching Terrestrial Navigation for 1st 2nd and 4th semesters
    BasIc study department (CMTT) - (AASTMT)

Work Experience

  • Chief officer, Jan 2003 - Dec 2008
    National Navigation Company
    Brede Watchkeeping , Cargo handling ,Safety

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