Collage of Management and Technology

We deliver our vision through providing education and research opportunities for
worldwide students through the adoption of nationally, regionally and
internationally diversified, recognized and accredited academic programs. Our
services are delivered by highly qualified faculty members and a certified quality
management system, focusing on sustainable environmental, social and
economic development. We compete effectively through highly qualified
graduates who satisfy the requirements of the dynamic industry and community.
We foster cooperation and partnership with other Arab and international
organizations, universities and academic institutions., through the following:

  1. Develop and sustain organizational structures that promote pedagogical innovations both centrally and within programs.
  2. the integration of information technology and the concept of scientific research in the educational process.
  3. to hold seminars and workshops for students to discuss subjects that have occurred recently in different areas.
  4. The organization of local and international conferences.
  5. continue reactions from students about the new views, and requirements or complaints.

Provide job opportunities for summer training of students in private and public institutions and organizations.

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