Colleges & Departments


Maritime Transport & Technology

It's a pleasure to welcome the Arab and African youth, the future leaders to Maritime Transport and Technology College, where versatile opportunities are available for those who are interested in being a certified and qualified seafarers on board foreign going vessels through achieving their Certificate of Competency (COC) as deck or engineer officer.

Engineering & Technology

Our vision is to excel as one of the best engineering colleges locally and regionally and to maintain internationally recognized programs with an advanced academic rank. To provide the highest quality educational programs, research, and community services and to play a leading role in, all engineering activities, as a foremost engineering school in the Arab world.


Management & Technology

The College of Management and Technology sustainably uses its resources and strives to realize its vision through the provision of education and research opportunities for worldwide students through the adoption of regionally and internationally diversified accredited academic programs delivered by highly qualified faculty members and controlled by a certified management system.


Computing & Information Technology

We have prepared our curriculum to make our students robust and strong enough to tackle an ever changing and dynamic IT world. We stress mainly on building their fundamental knowledge and problem solving skills in order to help them adapt to new technologies. Also one of our concerns is to improve students communication skills and train our students to work in teams and manage the progress of a project.


International Transport & Logistics

The College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL) is the professional body for everyone in the logistics, supply chain management, international transport and related industries. It is considered an educational center for logistics excellence in the Middle East and North African regions.


Graduate School of Business

We understand that emergent economy business is confronted with high degrees of uncertainty, high degrees of complexity, and often excessive situations of inequality. Such a world needs innovative solutions and we cannot do with “business as usual”.


Language & Communication

The College of Language and Communication is the first among AAST colleges specializing in humanities, enhancing students' personality, and enriching their cultural perspectives through languages as well as various means of communication. This will promote their academic and artistic abilities, reinforce their cognitive efficiency and open up new career horizons in different fields.


Fisheries & Aquaculture Technology

Colleges specializing in fisheries, enhancing students' personality, and enriching their skill through technical activities. This will promote their academic and practical abilities, reinforce their rational efficiency and open up new career possibilities in different fields of fisheries science.


College of Pharmacy

Ever since it was established in 1972, the AASTMT has accomplished great achievements in educational innovation and development. Today, the College of Pharmacy is the newest member in AASTMT. Indeed, the College of Pharmacy at the AASTMT aims to produce pharmacy graduates who are properly trained to handle the daily challenges in the local and regional practice settings in a manner that complies with the appropriate guidelines for healthcare.


College of Law

AASTMT announces the commencement of the registration in the College of Law. The College of Law, headquartered in Smart Village Campus, offers its students a bachelor degree in Law. The degree is recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt.


College of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

The College of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage at the Aswan Campus of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport was inaugurated in September 2018. This college focuses on creating a new caliber of archaeologists and cultural heritage professionals who are capable of facing the challenges of the 21st century of the Cultural Heritage in the Middle East and Africa.