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Quality Assurance Unit

The Quality Assurance (QA) unit is responsible for the operational management and support of academic standards and quality enhancement and assurance across the College.

Academic Programs and Processes

The Quality Assurance unit oversees academic quality assurance functions such as support, guidance, monitoring, inspection, evaluation and reporting of teaching and learning processes.

Measurement and Improvement

The processes overseen by the QA unit ensure there is a regular cycle of feedback from students, staff and industry experts, all of which is used to share new ideas and constantly improve the overall effectiveness of operations.

Strategic Plan

The QA unit is also responsible of disseminating the values that support the work system and establishing mutual values included in the strategic plan of AASTMT in order for the organization policies to be implemented in accordance with its mission and vision.

This is achieved through measuring the added value and/or deviation from the strategic plan, annual monitoring of feedback incorporation and monitoring the execution of improvement plans.