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Labs Software

College Labs Contain a Huge collection of software from deferent types to serve both the educational and general activities of the college students.

1-Operating Systems

NoOperating System106204206304A304B307404A404B406

Windows 7  professional 32 bit

2Windows   7 professional 64 bit
3Ubuntu Lunix V12 64 BIT
4Ubuntu Lunix V14 64 BIT
5Debian Kali Lunix
6Windows Server

2 Microsoft Products

No.Microsoft Application106204206304A304B307404A404B406
1Microsoft office 2007
2Microsoft office 2010
3Microsoft office 2013
4Microsoft Project 2007
5Microsoft Project 2013
6Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
7Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
8Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
9Microsoft SQL Server 2008
10Microsoft SQL Server 2012

3-Oracle Products


No.Oracle Application106204206304A304B307404A404B406
1Oracle VM
2Oracle Database 11g
3Oracle Fusion 10g
4Oracle Data miner

4-Adobe Products

NO.Adobe Application106204206304A304B307404A404B406
1Adobe Photoshop CS6
2Adobe After Effects CS6
3Adobe Bridge CS6
4Adobe Encore CS6
5Adobe Illustrator CS6
6Adobe Media Encoder
7Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
8Adobe Audition CS6
9Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
10Adobe Flash Builder 4.6
11Adobe Flash Pro CS6
12Adobe InDesign CS6
13 Adobe Audition CS6

5-Autodesk products

NO.Autodesk Application106204206304A304B307404A404B406
1Autodesk 3ds Max 2015
2 Vray3 for 3dmax 2015

 6 -Programming Languages


No.Programming Engine 106204206304A304B307404A404B406
1Bloodshed Dev C++
2Net Beans 6.7
3Net Beans 8
7Matlab 2012a

7 -Other Applications


2Cisco Packet Tracer
3Arc GIS