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     Admission Requirements

     Program Structure

     CS Courses

     IS Courses

     Study plan milestones for the PhD degree

     Online Admission


Admission for first semester 2020/2021 is now open

PhD Admission Exam (3/10/2020)
PhD Admission Exam Submissions and Personal Interviews (17/10/2020)

  • The doctor of philosophy PhD program in Computer Science (CS) / Information Systems (IS) prepares students for faculty careers at world-class universities and for research positions in leading government or industrial research labs. It is required for PhD students to hold a Master of Science in Information Systems (IS) or an equivalent degree.
  • The main goal of a successful PhD is not so much a dissertation, but rather (and much more importantly) it is to train researchers and prepare them for further professional development. One aspect of this training is to ensure that the individual has a broad and deep knowledge of Information Systems. The starting point for this aspect is the completion of PhD courses. However, course work is, by design, limited to relatively narrow and well-defined assignments, projects and exams.
  • To be a successful PhD student, the candidate needs a much broader set of skills, including the maturity as a researcher to cope with significantly more uncertainty than is typically seen in course work. Additional skills include the abilities to evaluate the current literature, to promising directions for future work, and to follow some of those directions through to the nuggets of new contributions. In our experience with our own students we typically see these skills develop slowly, continuing through to their graduation from our PhD program. However, our expectation is that the foundations for these skills should already be in place and evident by the beginning of the second year of PhD studies.