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Information System Core Courses   

IS701 Decision Support and Intelligent Systems none
IS702 Advanced Database Management none
IS703 Information Systems Security none
IS704 Management Information Systems none

group IS1

IS711Networking Applications none
IS712Data Warehousing and Data Mining none
IS713Knowledge Management none
IS714Information Systems Design none
IS715Multimedia Information Systems none
IS716Mobile Information Systems none
IS717GIS and Spatial Database none
IS719E-Commerce Strategy and Management none
IS720Advanced Concepts in Digital Libraries none
IS721Strategic Information Systems none

group IS2

CS710Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms
CS712Algorithmic Graph Theory none
CS713Compiler Construction none
CS714Advanced Operating Systems none
CS715Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition none
CS716Data Security none
CS718Advanced Computer Graphics none
CS719Contemporary Computer Architectures none
CS720Natural Language Processing none
CS721Advanced Web Technologies none
CS722Design of Network Protocols none
CS723Mobile Computing none
CS724Cloud Computing none
CS725Data Mining Algorithms none
CS726Multimedia Acquisition and Communications none
CS727Bioinformatics none
CS728Internet of Things none
CS729Human Computer Interaction none

group IS3

SE721Advanced Software Engineering none
SE722SoftWare Testing and Quality Assurance none
SE723Quality Management and Assurance of IS none
SE731Secure Software Engineering none

The Project

CodeCourse Title
IS732 IS Master's Project (6 credits)