About the College

  • Offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Language and Communication (Major: Media / translation)
  • Period of study: four academic years (8 terms)
  • Study in the first two years is general (4 terms) (Literature – languages-translation – media – computer)
  • Majoring in either Media or Translation begins in the third year (Term 5).
  • There are mandatory courses and a variety of elective courses.
  • Elective courses include: arts, cinema, theatre, music, UN translation, etc.
  • Language of study is English. Arabic language and a second foreign language are also offered as core courses. 

The College of Language and Communication is the first among AAST

colleges specializing in humanities, enhancing students' personality, and enriching their cultural perspectives through languages as well as various means of communication. This will promote their academic and artistic abilities, reinforce their cognitive efficiency and open up new career horizons in different fields.

Tuition fees and admission requirements

  • Apply as per AAST rules
  • The College accepts students with Thanawya Amma or any equivalent Arabic or international certificates.

College address, Alexandria - Miami Campus

Gamal Abdel-Nasser Avenue,
Block A, Second floor.
Miami, Alexandria

College Campuses

I. Sheraton Campus

  • Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport building,
  • Al-Mushir Ahmed Ismail St., Sheraton, Cairo, Main Building.

II.Dokki Campus

III.South Valley (Aswan) Campus

Career opportunities

The College of Language and Communication qualifies graduates to work in:

  • Arab and international organizations (translation – media)
  • Arab and local satellite channels
  • Official organizations and institutions
  • Banks and courts
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Educational and training organizations

For more information, please contact:

College of Language and Communication, Alex.