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Meeting of the MAIA-TAQA project In Athens

Published: 2019-10-27 13:24:30 |

On 2nd and 3rd of October a delegation from the College of International Transport and Logistics, Dr. Sara Elzarka and Dr. Sandra Haddad, represented the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) in the kick-off meeting of the MAIA-TAQA cooperation project (Mobilizing new Areas of Investments and together aiming to increase quality of life for all) which was held in Athens. ENICBC MED program (cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean area) for a total amount of approximately 3.1 million euro. AASTMT is one of the Egyptian project’s partners.
The project involves 6 countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan) and 8 partners (research centers, chambers of commerce, SME).
MAIA-TAQA will address the issue of the demand for efficiency services of renewable energy resources in the southern Mediterranean area countries in order to hold the pressure on the environment and strengthen the energy supply.
The project will therefore aim to stimulate innovation processes capable of identifying needs, structuring creative solutions and supporting their diffusion in the local market.
To this end, 3 pilot interventions will be tested in 3 countries (Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan) where innovative services will be applied to different technologies (micro grid, photovoltaic, energy storage, solar thermal technologies and water purification services).
The partners will develop solutions aimed at overcoming the barriers identified by the project: capacity development program (to overcome the lack of skills) innovation desk (due to lack of information) guidelines (due to lack of regulation) vouchers (due to lack of funding) and targeted B2B events (due to lack of matchmaking).
The main final beneficiaries are SMEs, in particular those engaged in the environmental, collective water and waste management, energy and construction sectors. As part of the project, Quipo will be the partner responsible for coordinating the activities for the implementation of pilot projects in the territories aimed at testing innovative solutions.
Total budget is €3.167.463,34
ENI CBC Med Programme contribution is €2.850.717,01 (90%)

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