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Sunday, 05th December, 2021

Career Opportunities

  Career opportunities for graduates of"Media Department" and "Language & Translation Department"

MAJOR: Language & Translation, or MAJOR: Media

  • Arabic or English Journalistic translator / editor / writer (article / column / feature) in local and international news agencies (Al-Ahram Weekly/Middle East News Agency/Reuters/The Associated Press) which qualify our graduates to be members of the "Press Syndicate".
  • Correspondent in T.V. channels
  • Broadcaster in T.V. channels
  • Radio broadcaster
  • Photographer in T.V. channels or advertising companies
  • Director (journalistic / T.V. / cinematic / Radio)
  • Journalistic researching
  • Working in the Public Relations field in local or international companies
  • Advertiser in the advertising companies
  • Working in the production field
  • Graduates are qualified to be cinema or theatre actors/actresses
  • Translator in international organizations (The United Nations / the World Bank / The International Monetary Fund)
  • Translator in local and international translation offices
  • Translator in state institutions (The State Information Service / ministries)
  • Tourist Guide, after obtaining necessary training.
  • English-language teacher at English schools, universities
  • English-language teacher at prestigious English teaching centers and institutes
  • Graphic designer
  • Translator at Egyptian, Arab or international banks
  • Translator at Egyptian courts (Supreme Constitutional Court / State Council / Supreme Administrative court, State Commissioners'' Authority)
  • Simultaneous / Consecutive Interpreter in local, regional or international conferences
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