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Saturday, 23rd October, 2021

Welcome Note

The Dean Note

In an era of communication and globalization, the AAST launches the first new College of Language and Communication throughout the Middle East. The CLC is a college that offers its students the opportunity to study English language as well as to dwell on the realms of media and communication. Affiliation with international universities and institutions would endow our students with the needed skills to excel in both fields of translation and media. Our staff members and admin staff work together in an atmosphere of team work complying with ISO standardized forms and regulations.
We promise to introduce all the best to our students so as to live the academic life embellished with the latest state-of-the-art programs. Never to miss to grope the moments of live activities that blend theory with real practice in magazines, TV & radio channels as well as international organizations and festivals.
Waiting to fulfill your aspirations for a new future to you and our Arab countries.
Prof. Dr. Azza Ahmed Heikal
Dean of Language & Communication
Vice Dean for Education  

The CLC has always been keen on providing students with top-level, rigorous instruction that harmoniously mingles theory with practice. Highly qualified instructors are ed through a methodical process that guarantees the best level of student acquisition, interactivity and creativity. Up-to-date, original textbooks as well as library services, simultaneous interpretation and multimedia labs are offered to students to get them better equipped for a bright career future. Collaboration agreement with both Autonoma University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain, and OCC/Kean University, the U.S.A, have also been reached and put into effect to further consolidate our educational process in accordance with international levels.
Dr. Heba Nayef
Vice Dean for Education
Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies

The College of Language and Communication, having graduated its first cohort in Spring 2015/2016, has been well aware of the importance of expanding its educational services to cover postgraduate studies. Accordingly, the CLC now offers two academic master degrees: (1) Master of Arts in English Language and Literature, which has two branches (a) Literature Branch, and (b) Linguistics and Translation Branch and (2) Master of Science in Media, in collaboration with Autonoma University of Barcelona (UAB). Holders of both masters are qualified to apply for doctoral degrees.
Dr. Mohamed El-Nashar
Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies
Vice Dean for Student Affairs

Vice Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for the follow-up of all that relates to students enrolled in college and their educational achievement taking into consideration the procedures of registration, withdrawal, transfer, dismissal and graduation. Among the tasks of the vice dean comes also distribution of students to their academic advisors in order to study these cases and make recommendations thereon. The vice dean, moreover, supervises various student activities: academic, cultural, artistic as well as sports activities.
Dr Rania Samir
Vice Dean for Student Affairs
Media Department

The Department of Media is one of the specialized departments in CLC. The department pursues innovative teaching techniques as well as the use of emerging technologies that promote learning, research, training and creative acrivities. Following the vision of CLC, the department aims at creating such high-quality, practice-oriented learning environment through furnishing it with a professional studio and smart rooms in which students work collaboratively to achieve the highest level of competency in their field of media. To acheive the mission of CLC , the Department seeks to respond rapidly to the changing developments in the fields of media, communication, and technology.

Dr. Marwa Nabil
Head of Media Department
Language and Translation Department

The Language and Translation Department offers courses intended to develop students'' linguistic and translation abilities so that they can translate accurately and professionally. The courses are aimed at qualifying our students to become competent language specialists, translators and interpreters.
Dr.Mai El-Falaky
Head of Language and Translation Department
Humanities Department

The Humanities Department is one of the four CLC Departments. It is the one that offers the introductory courses to all CLC students in the first two terms of their academic life. These courses furnish the necessary base required for any student seeking to establish a career in the fields of media, and language and translation. Our courses enable students to determine their future academic steps.
Dr. Nival Nabil
Head of Humanities Department
Languages Department

Providing pedagogical services to more than 2000 students per semester, the Languages Department has one main mission that is, to provide English language instruction to AASTMT undergraduate students, promoting effective academic communications in the various colleges of the Academy.

Dr. Nashwa Elyamany
Head of Languages Department
Quality Assurance Department

The College''s mission is "to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence". This reflects one of its core values, which is to provide high quality provision across all subjects offered. The College''s quality assurance procedures provide a framework within which its departments can examine and enhance their teaching activities to ensure that they achieve this aspiration of excellence.

Dr. Reham El-Shazly
Head of Quality Assurance Department
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