Unacceptable Behaviors

Here we present to you some, not all, of the rejected behaviors:

  • Entering the Academy with clothes unsuitable for a university campus such as wearing shirts or T-shirts that have inappropriate drawings or having females wearing short or tight eye-catching clothes.
  • Non-abiding by the appropriate general looking by elongating hair, making curls, wearing earrings, etc.
  • Smoking is a very bad habit that endangers health. Besides, it is a behaviour that shows how some people are uncivilized. It is also rejected, particularly where students are gathered in corridors, closed places or lecture theatres.
  • Harassing girls both inside and outside the Academy.
  • Not keeping the Academy property intact despite the fact that this property is particulary made for students such as sitting on one chair and putting legs on another, which is an offending sight and an unacceptable behaviour.
  • Writing on desks or walls or inside the Academy buses, contrary to the formal proper behaviour.
  • Speaking loudly and calling names, which are deemed uncivilized habits that hurt the feelings of other people around.
  • Throwing trash such as cigarette butts or empty glasses in the corridors or green areas, negatively affecting the place cleanliness.
  • Speed driving and raising the sound of car cassette players, an action which is so dangerous for the driver and those in the car in addition to the noise pollution it causes.
  • Talking to one of the Academy staff inappropriately in a way that is contradictory to the ethics and general courtesy and the Academy traditions.
  • Sitting on the floor or pavements, an uncivilized behavior, particularly that the Academy has provided many other alternatives for this bad habit.
  • Being present where students are not allowed such as at the office of the Academy Secretary-General, his assistants, college deans, or heads of various departments.
  • Going to playgrounds or practicing sports without wearing the suitable athletic clothes.
  • Sitting in cafeterias or restaurants with athletic or unsuitable clothes.
  • Eating or drinking beverages inside lecture halls.
  • Walking on green grass or pulling off flowers.

The following are some serious offences that breach the Academy rules and regulations. The penalty of such offences may involve forbidding students from sitting to final exams to for good dismissal from the Academy:

  • Actions violating the Academy rules and regulations.
  • Calling off or provoking ceasing study as well as deliberate refusal to attend lectures, sessions or any other activities that students should be punctual at.
  • Any actions showing dishonesty, violating proper code of conduct or committing an offence that should be punished according to the law of the Headquarters State either inside or outside the Academy.
  • Sabotaging or eliminating any facilities, buses, devices, materials, or library books.
  • Violating exam rules by cheating or intending to cheat.
  • Forming or taking part in any associations inside the Academy without a previous permission from the concerned Academy authorities (Student Affairs Deanery).
  • Distributing leaflets, publishing any form of wall magazines, spreading rumors, provoking riot or disturbance or collecting signatures without a previous permission from the concerned Academy authorities.
  • Encouraging sit-in inside the Academy or taking part in it.
  • Resorting to hysterical violence or fighting with other colleagues inside or outside the Academy.
  • Stealing, being an accomplice in a theft, accepting hiding stolen items and refusing to report stealing incident to concerned authorities.
  • Counterfeiting official documents or certificates for personal benefits.
  • False testifying during interrogations or abstaining from giving information that may help investigate serious offences.
  • Annoying the Academy authorities by false offences.
  • Distorting the Academy image either inside or outside the campus.
  • Violating normal human social behavior, sexual deviation, or making any actions incompatible with ethics inside or outside the Academy.
  • Playing any sort of gambling inside the Academy.
  • Breaching the Academy security regulations as regards the security of buildings, documents, fire or persons.
  • Bribing any of the Academy employees.
  • Allowing strangers to enter restricted areas at the Academy without an entry permit or following the applied security rules.
  • Talking inappropriately with the Academy supervisors, leaders, lecturers or executives.
DegreeGPA RangePercentage
SatisfactoryFrom 2 to less than 2.450% - less to 60%
GoodFrom 2.4 to less than 2.8 60% - less to 70%
Very GoodFrom 2.8 to less than 3.4 70% - less to 85%
ExcellentFrom 3.4 and above85% and above

General Grade is set according to the above Cumulative Grade Point Averages.

1295 and aboveA+
11.590 and less than 95A
1185 and less than 90A-
1080 and less than 85B+
975 and less than 80B
870 and less than 75B-
765 and less than 70C+
660 and less than 65C
555 and less than 60C-
450 and less than 55D
0less than 50F

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