Community Service and Development Unit

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    “Community Service and Development Unit” includes professors and teaching assistants who are in charge of developing the social and cultural activities and awareness.
    The Unit team measures the satisfaction of the participants through surveys analysis in order to identify the opportunities for improvement.

    SR Team in CMT
    Dr Azza Elsharabassy
    (Vice Dean for Training and Community Services - Team Leader ( Contact Person))
    Dr Hend Abd El-Halim Hafez
    Mr Ossama Abdellah
    Ms. Nihal Abodoma
    Ms.Aya Gamal
    Ms Mona Helmi
    Ms Mariam El-Ashmawy
    Ms Heba Abd El-Gawad
    Ms Dina El-Salmy
    Ms Nadin Dib
    Mr Abd El-Khalek Elsayed

    The Existing Social Responsibility Practices in CMT
    The CMT has previously carried out many social responsibility activities and events.
    CMT current Social Responsibility activities focus on:
    • Satisfaction of students and staff
    • Respect of human rights and non-discrimination
    • Protection of health and environment.

    In addition it serves community in various aspects such as health & safety, culture, public awareness, sports in addition to philanthropy.
     Health and Safety
    • Blood Donation Sessions
    • Medical Service Department
    • Crisis and Disaster Management Unit
    • Healthcare awareness: through the website
     Environment protection
     Cultural activities
    • Competitions
    • Arab Day
    • Art Day
    • Trips
    • CMT Festival Week
     Public awareness
    • Awareness Seminars
    • Job Fairs
    • Community Service Unit
     Charity
    • Donations
    • Orphan Day
    • Blankets Campaigns: (e.g. Ahmed Maher Hospital, and Zerzara Village)
    Admission of 12 disabled students
    CMT provides different facilities to those students, such as awarding a full scholarship, providing tutors, guiding them in classes.
    Future Practice
    Disabled students: preparing a specialized center equipped with all the required equipment that satisfies their needs.
    Five relevant and significant ISO 26000 issues
     Decision-making processes and structure
     Health and safety at work
     Sustainable resources use
     Community Involvement
     Prevention of Pollution
    Stakeholder Prioritization:
    • Methodology of stakeholder prioritization and mapping based on the two criteria of Influence and interest.
    • The CMT stakeholders were prioritized and their expectations identified
    Stakeholder engagement:
    • CMT has been already engaging with its stakeholders through various methods.
    • Engagement with key stakeholders was on a regular and planned basis through meetings, seminars workshops and reports.

    The future vision for the sustainability of SR activities in Egypt

    • Enhance communication between pilot organizations on a local and regional level.
    • This could be achieved through organizing more SR seminars.
    • Awarding the letter of recognition on an international level will increase the commitment of the participated organization. This will also motivate the participation of more organizations to be sociable responsible.

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