Diploma in Economics

Who is it for?

  • You have the necessary qualifications to embark on a degree, but would prefer a course with more teaching support.
  • You intend to have a degree programme, but would like to gain a recognized qualification after one year.
  • You can complete this diploma in a minimum of one year, and a maximum of five years.
  • You sit your examinations in May/June
  • You must pass all four units in order to be awarded the Diploma in Economics

Course Plan

Two compulsory full units
Course Code Title
02 Introduction to economics
04a Statistics 1 (half unit)
05a Mathematics 1 (half unit)
Plus two of the following
Course Code Title
24 Principles of banking and finance
25 Principles of accounting
107 Introduction to business and management
21 Principles of sociology

For detailed course description visit: http://www.londonexternal.ac.uk/prospective_students/undergraduate/lse/units/index.shtml

Course Plan

Students have a number of options available to them for further study:

  • Progression to one of the University of London?s degrees for External students, such as B.Sc. in Economics and Management, while staying with the Academy.
  • Transfer to LSE: A student awarded the Diploma may be considered for admission to the second year of an appropriate degree at LSE, but admission is not automatic. It would be subject to achieving high marks in the Diploma; there is a great deal of competition and places are limited.
  • Transfer to other universities: As well as LSE, a number of reputable universities in the United Kingdom will consider accepting students who have completed the Diploma in Economics for direct entry into the second year of a degree, subject to terms and conditions of that university.
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