FAD seeks to provide a quality education to students that will prepare them for leadership positions within the finance profession. It helps students to understand the process of integration and the application of core competencies and skills in business.

In addition, it provides students with an education that emphasizes the concepts of financial management, investment problems, capital markets, business ethics and decision making strategies. Moreover, FAD plans to provide students with strong undergraduate foundation in the theory and application of finance and accounting, building upon a liberal art and science education, where we can cultivate independence, critical thinking and sense of responsibility.

Basically, our objectives are to enhance student''s learning process through applied research, while recognizing the contribution of basic research. Also, prepare students to identify, analyze, and understand the interrelationships among business organizations and international, governmental, and domestic institutions in Egypt, the Middle East and throughout the world. Finally, FAD wants to help students to make professional certificate examinations such as CFA, CMA etc.

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