The E-Commerce department has internship agreements with MSAD (Ministry of State for Administrative Development), NCR (http://www.ncr.com/), New Horizons (http://www.newhorizons.com/), Gateworx (http://www.gateworx.net/), and Green.ch in Switzerland and Austria (http://www.green.ch/).

Professional Certification from the ICECC in CA, USA:

The E-Commerce department of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology has been awarded the Affiliate Status by the Middle East Advisory Board. The Academy's name and contact information at the affiliates section on the ICECC (http://www.meicecc.com/). The department is certified to offer the CEC/CEM certificates to its students and graduates without examination.

Agreements with the ETHZ in Switzerland:

The E-Commerce department has an academic agreement with the ETHZ (http://www.ethz.ch/), the University that graduated 21 Nobel Prized including Albert Einstein. The agreement includes postgraduate studies and postdoctoral research studies.


The E-Commerce department is part of a multi-national Consultancy Consortium of three parties: the department, Gateworx.net, and Costi.ch. The consortium provides consultancy and information security services.

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