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Welcome and Orientation day for Computer Engineering Students

Published: 2020-10-18 02:18:41 |

The Computer Engineering Department (AAST) - Alexandria - held an orientation, on Wednesday/ Thursday 14th & 15th October 2020, to welcome all new students of Computer Engineering, Abu keir Campus, in the presence of Prof. Sherin Youssef - the head of Computer Engineering Department, Faculty members, Staff and Teaching assistants. Kind supporting welcome talks were presented by the Dean of College of Engineering, the Department Head, and the Dean of students affairs.
Our distinguished guests, professors in computer track from Alexandria University as well as great mentors and senior engineers from multi-national companies are participated and gave Career advising talks through On-Line platforms.
The New Student Orientation was targeted to help students become more acquainted with the campus, faculty, and the many programs and services available to them as new students. They were able to meet classmates, connect with faculty and staff, receive important information about the faculty, research opportunities, career opportunities, alumni, departmental resources and activities, interact with the Orientation Leaders and other students, and begin to develop a positive career.
✨Wishing all our students a Bright & Fruitful Study✨