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IaaC Global Summer School Beirut 2018

Published: 2018-06-04 21:19:03 |

The Faculty of Architecture-Design and Built Environment at the Beirut Arab University is pleased to announce it will be hosting and running the IAAC Global Summer School (IAAC GSS) program in Beirut this summer between July 2-14, 2018.

GSS Beirut 2018 is the first academic program in Lebanon to introduce participants to robotic fabrication. As the potentials and restrictions brought by this technology are explored, participants will experiment with different fabrication methods and materials, giving rise to distinct formal languages of novel aesthetic qualities, mediating materiality, form, structure and assembly logic. The course will explore potential applications of robotic fabrication in the construction industry to activate a public square in the heart of Beirut city with a 1:1 architectural intervention.

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