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Published: 2020-02-27 10:57:26 |


• We do believe that the improvement of our society can only be achieved through the improvement of those within it who are keen on self- actualization for the sake of those, we spare neither time nor effort.

• We believe that the key players are the undergraduate students and fresh graduates, who have so much potential waiting to be unleashed, so much passion waiting to be kindled. By providing them with the skills and knowledge that prepare them for a fulfilling career, the improvement of our society will be a direct product.


Through Leading Your Career, Leading Your Society, we achieve the mentioned vision by:

• Conducting workshops focusing on soft skills, which are rarely acquired during the Academic years.

• Providing sessions explaining the latest advances in science and technology.

• Highlighting the role of creativity and innovation in our modern age.

• Guiding students and fresh graduates, helping them choose their paths, and teaching them about all the difficulties they might face during their careers and most importantly, how to overcome them by introducing the past experiences and success stories of high-profile professionals.

• Connecting students and fresh graduates with experts from different fields.

• Linking them to different companies’ representatives in order to help them pave a successfully guaranteed career path.